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We specialize in providing a customized solution to meet your needs in the long term. With a powerful combination of natural gas services, Energy Source  can help you become a market maker not just a price taker.

Energy Source Natural Gas Services is your ally and business partner in the complex natural gas market.

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For March 18, 2020

Natural Gas (US/MMBtu)




Even gas couldn’t escape the heavy gravitational pull in oil today.  Gas printed a new market low of $1.555 US/MM, taking out the recent low of $1.61 reached in 2016.  While we are approaching a nearly 10% decline in gas, oil is off over $5/barrel which equates to over a 20% loss on the day.  How much of this is real and how much is big boys (Russia and Saudi Arabia) playing a very big game remains to be seen.  The impact is being felt strongly at home.  Crude oil in Alberta traded below $10 for the first time ever.  The impact is being felt in the Canadian dollar which shed nearly 2 cents today alone.  This has kept Canadian gas prices nearly unchanged while US prices drop.  The governments are stepping in to shore things up but it seems to be falling on deaf ears in the markets.  Expect more of the same until we see this crisis start to improve.  These are very tricky and uncertain times. (dc)

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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Meet the Energy Source Team

In the same way that we value the differences between our customers, we value the individuality of our employees. Our focus is on talent rather than on titles. We match individual strengths to client and company needs.

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Energy Source Combustion Club

Energy Source Combustion Club

We value our long term clients

You’ve reached a significant milestone of being our customer for over 5 years and have burned more than 1,000,000 GJs of natural gas.   We want to help you celebrate, to thank you for being our partner.   The Energy Source Combustion Club is a band of like-minded companies leveraging the power of the group.   Join us in our quest to be the best.

What Makes Us Tick

Purchasing Strategies

We offset the risk of any adverse price movements with our hedging strategies.

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What Makes Us Different

We understand that a partnership means having skin in the game.   We’re not going to hide behind auto-renewing contracts, hidden fees or non-transparent costs.  

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Service. Independence. Results.

We know that relationships are the essence of this business and that those relationships are based on the highest bonds of integrity and trust between our team and our customers.

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