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We specialize in providing a customized solution to meet your needs in the long term. With a powerful combination of natural gas services, Energy Source  can help you become a market maker not just a price taker.

Energy Source Natural Gas Services is your ally and business partner in the complex natural gas market.

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For June 3, 2020

Natural Gas (US/MMBtu)




Natural gas prices pushed higher for a second straight session, ending up 2.5% at $1.8210/MMBtu as another upward surge in US stock markets helps improve appetite for riskier assets. Phil Flynn at Price Futures in Chicago adds that natural gas could gain further momentum once Tropical Storm Cristobal, which is currently lashing southern Mexico and central America with heavy wind and rain, sets itself on a northern track toward Texas and Louisiana, perhaps temporarily shutting down offshore oil and gas production platforms. The National Hurricane Center says Cristobal will weaken some over the next couple days, but then should start gaining strength again as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico.  Tis the season!  Warm turbulent air through the Gulf of Mexico puts offshore rigs on alert potentially reducing supply.  The other new aspect of Gulf storms is that LNG ships could be held up temporarily.  That isn’t quite as big a concern currently.  Gas seems poised to push higher but tomorrow’s EIA inventory report could put a damper on that with an expected 110 Bcf injection. (MB)

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Meet the Energy Source Team

In the same way that we value the differences between our customers, we value the individuality of our employees. Our focus is on talent rather than on titles. We match individual strengths to client and company needs.

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Energy Source Combustion Club

Energy Source Combustion Club

We value our long term clients

You’ve reached a significant milestone of being our customer for over 5 years and have burned more than 1,000,000 GJs of natural gas.   We want to help you celebrate, to thank you for being our partner.   The Energy Source Combustion Club is a band of like-minded companies leveraging the power of the group.   Join us in our quest to be the best.

What Makes Us Tick

Purchasing Strategies

We offset the risk of any adverse price movements with our hedging strategies.

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What Makes Us Different

We understand that a partnership means having skin in the game.   We’re not going to hide behind auto-renewing contracts, hidden fees or non-transparent costs.  

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Service. Independence. Results.

We know that relationships are the essence of this business and that those relationships are based on the highest bonds of integrity and trust between our team and our customers.

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