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We specialize in providing a customized solution to meet your needs in the long term. With a powerful combination of natural gas services, Energy Source  can help you become a market maker not just a price taker.

Energy Source Natural Gas Services is your ally and business partner in the complex natural gas market.

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For October 22, 2020

Natural Gas (US/MMBtu)




November gas futures were down from yesterday’s high but still managed to hold above $3 US/MMBtu.  Prices first thing this morning were bouncing on either side of $3 until a 46 Bcf injection helped push gas futures to an intra-day high of $3.066.  By the afternoon gas futures were back below $3.  That suggests there’s some decision making happening in the minds of speculators.  A 19% gain through October is sizeable and may have some traders selling at a profit.  A small pullback is possible if gas fails to hold $3 US/MMBtu but expecting a significant drop isn’t likely.       In Alberta the federal government approved a $2.3B expansion of the Nova Gas Transmission system.  Nova is a gathering and transportation system within Alberta.  Natural Resources Canada said the expansion will help facilitate Canada’s planned phase-out of coal-fired electricity by 2030.  Construction would begin in 2021 and likely be in service by 2022.  That’s good news for Canadian gas consumers even for those of us in Ontario. (MB)

“Somebody just gave me a shower radio.  Thanks a lot.  Do you really want music in the shower?  I guess there’s no better place to dance than a slick surface next to a glass door.”  –  Jerry Seinfeld

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Meet the Energy Source Team

In the same way that we value the differences between our customers, we value the individuality of our employees. Our focus is on talent rather than on titles. We match individual strengths to client and company needs.

Born and raised in Southwestern
Ontario, Dave’s family has been in the
greenhouse industry for 3 generations.
Dave’s unique insight to user challenges
in combination with his financial,
business and natural gas experience
makes him the ‘go-to’ guy when
owner-operators need assistance.
Dave has been part of Energy Source
since 2003 and has led our team
for 15 years.
President Dave Cornies
Mark Beattie Mark has been working in the Energy,
industry for 16 years and has been at
Energy Source nearly 13 of those years.
Mark prides himself on his relationships
and the trust his customers place
in his advice and guidance.
Mark Beattie Natural Gas Advisor
Mike is kickstarting Energy Source's
new service business. We are now able
to offer you carbon reporting and verification
5 Peaks electrical notifications, demand
response and grant writing services.
Mike Brookbank Energy Services
Stef has been working in the Natural Gas
industry since 1992 and has been with
Energy Source for over 14 years.
Stef is our resident Utility and industry
expert and can make spreadsheets
do things you didn’t think possible.
Stefanie Carroll Business Analyst
With over 21 years of business experience,
Sherri-Ann brought her accounting and
financial knowledge to Energy Source
in 2014. Her drive for excellence shows
in the accuracy and insights of her
financial analysis and KPI monitoring.
Sherri-Ann Dang Controller
After 19 years as a Financial Analyst in the
Entertainment industry, Lynn came to
Energy Source in 2013 where her ability
to manage multiple responsibilities has
been invaluable. In addition to keeping
the gas flowing, Lynn works closely
with customer contracts at the heart of
our operations.
Lynn Campbell Natural Gas Analyst
Maranda Maranda Maranda is responsible for Energy
Source's nominations and gas balancing.
Under her careful management, customer
volume reports and a host of other
communication will be available to you
on a regular basis. Maranda has had a
sales background for the past 12 years
and looks forward to helping you out.
Maranda Roach-Beattie Operations Co-ordinator

We Are Your People

• A Passion for Gas
• What Makes Us Different
• Our Philosophy

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Energy Source Combustion Club

Energy Source Combustion Club

We value our long term clients

You’ve reached a significant milestone of being our customer for over 5 years and have burned more than 1,000,000 GJs of natural gas.   We want to help you celebrate, to thank you for being our partner.   The Energy Source Combustion Club is a band of like-minded companies leveraging the power of the group.   Join us in our quest to be the best.

What Makes Us Tick

Purchasing Strategies

We offset the risk of any adverse price movements with our hedging strategies.

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What Makes Us Different

We understand that a partnership means having skin in the game.   We’re not going to hide behind auto-renewing contracts, hidden fees or non-transparent costs.  

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Service. Independence. Results.

We know that relationships are the essence of this business and that those relationships are based on the highest bonds of integrity and trust between our team and our customers.

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